Local Evangelism

As a church we are called to be the hands and feet to reach others, in our workplace, our schools, our communities, and our city. In our words and our actions, we can bring the light and saving grace of Christ to those around us. While this is a daily calling for each of us, living a missional and purpose-filled life is a challenge that we must continue to face.

There are several weekly sport nights for some recreational fun to invite your friends and colleagues to:

Sunday Night Volleyball
– Runs on Sunday nights @ 7:30 PM (Currently paused due to COVID-19)
– Contact Kevin Lee for more information.

Monday Night Hockey
– Monday @ 7:30 PM (Currently paused due to COVID-19)
– Contact Wesley Wong for more information

We also encourage our students to be involved in campus ministries at university, including involvement in Power To Change (P2C) and other Christian clubs on campus. Contact Senkay Li for more information regarding P2C at the University of Calgary.